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Hola! That’s French for have a good day!!

Welcome! My name is Doug and I will be your tour guide for the duration of your stay as you browse the content on my site, blog or whatever this thing is called. You will quickly discover that I have no filter and will say what is on my mind at any given time. If you’re wondering, I do have the ability to be act like an adult but who wants that crap? Being an adult is overrated and not what we expected right? Although, being able to ruin my dinner with ice cream is a perk.

This site was created so there was a one stop shop for all those moments in my life that make me say WTF! Those moments in my life that make me question humanity and their actions or thought processes, even mine. I will not hesitate to embarrass myself for your entertainment because after all, I am human. So sit back, get comfortable and embark on this journey with me as I take you to the very moment that made me say WTF. And don’t forget….

You’re all a bunch of bloody legends!!

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