CNN, Chocolate and Tears

Tears of defeat

And we are back with another episode of WTF Weekly folks! On this weeks episode we run into a situation that makes you question people’s lives. We don’t know everyone’s situation but if mine ever got this bad…please, just please shoot me.

I’m waiting in line at Big Y and the lady in front of me is patiently waiting for her stuff to get rung up. The cashier is making small talk and being very polite, even though she’s clearly frustrated with the sub par help she has trying to bag the groceries.

I stand there wondering how long it’s going to take Johnny Numb Nuts to figure out how he’s going to fit a 12 pack of shit paper in the bag. Flipping it 14 million times must have been on day two of training.

Then the most depressing thing comes out of this woman’s mouth And I was left speechless. A comment so raw you don’t know what to say yet I was busting at the seams with laughter. Like a damn was about to bust, flooding her town of emotions and destroying any bit of hope in its path. But I hold strong.

She says “now I’m going to go home, eat chocolate and watch CNN…and cry”. What?! The?! Shit?! Just happened here!!

I get it, the world today is a messed up place. People are stupid, kids are eating tide pods and we have people in office not qualified enough to judge a wet fart contest let alone run this country! If CNN is making you mouth hump pounds of chocolate while crying, change the channel!! Put on Oprah and have a reason to cry!

As the cashier is ringing my stuff up she turns and here goes Johnny Numb Nuts again with the butt wipe. Day two didn’t land with this guy. The cashier opens her mouth like she’s going to rip into this dude like a monkey on a cupcake when I say, “take a breath…smell the roses, blow out the candles. Things could be worse. You could be going home to eat chocolate and watch CNN and cry”.

The cashier lost it. In the midst of her uncomfortable laughter she says she didn’t know what to say and that she just wanted to laugh. I commended her on her professionalism, gave her a crisp high five and away I went.

Today’s lesson…don’t eat chocolate and watch CNN and cry people. Life isn’t that bad. With all the messed up crap going on like taking away plastic bags and straws (I’ll address that in a future post) we still have a lot going for ourselves.

Everyday you wake up is a blessing. As long as you’re on this side of the dirt, you’ve already won.

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