Back Alley Booger Sugar

What’s going on you bloody legends! We are back with another episode of WTF Weekly… but this time we are going to embark on our very first product review! So sit back, relax, and take a journey with me as I do some science!

I am no stranger to the energy drinks when I need that quick jolt to the system to keep me going. Running into the gas station for a Red Bull or a Monster was an all too familiar scene. But not any more, those days are done. What has replaced the can of golden sugar loaded carbonated skunk piss? I am glad you asked!!

One of my good friends told me about this drink called BEA. Apparently it’s loaded with natural stuff, has very few calories and there is no dreaded crash afterwards. Now I’ll admit I was a little skeptical as anyone would be. I mean how can a can that contains things like beets, spinach, broccoli, carrot, sweet potatoes and other natural ingredients be good right? And not to mention there is ashwagandha root powder! What in the bloody blue blazes is that stuff? Is that some Australian back alley booger sugar?

After some deliberation I decided what’s the worst that can happen? I don’t like it and revert back to the expended liquids of an skunk ? Let’s do some science!!

Upon pushing the tab through the top and hearing that familiar sound of carbonation leaving the can, the delightful aroma of the ashwagandha taunts the senses. Now I’m curious. I give the opening a little sniff and I am delightfully surprised that the combination of ingredients doesn’t trigger the gag reflex. Well down the hatch it goes.

Spank me hard and call me Rhonda what did I just stumble upon! After about 15 minutes of consuming this liquified can of Australian back alley smack I felt amazing. I was more focused, I felt awake and I could smell colors. I can’t clearly put into words how this stuff makes one feel as I’m sure it’s different for everyone. But when I usually want to venture off to an afternoon fat nap and instead slap open one of these cans of nitrous oxide for human consumption to keep going, that’s enough for me to keep drinking it.

The marketing for this product is clever. With a name like BEA they integrate it into motivational sayings to fuel your curiosity. But after sampling the product…ok a 12 pack…they are spot on. If you need that boost of energy without the crash, something healthy with no guilt and something refreshing, get yourself some!! When you drink this stuff it enables you to

BEA little more focused
BEA warrior
BEA badass
BEA boss
BEA freight train to success

If you’re interested let me know and I will show you how to BEA little more present in everything you do. You won’t regret this. And if I’m drinking something healthy, good lord love a duck you know it’s worth a try!!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to contact my supplier. I’m down to one can and want to prevent looking like an Australian tweaker in the outback searching for that ashwagandha root powder fighting kangaroos and punching dingos. Crikey!!!

That’s it for today’s first ever WTF Weekly product review! Stay tuned as I’m sure something else surely make me say WTF! Stay classy San Diego! G’day mate!!!

You’re all a bunch of bloody legends!!!

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