The Dunkin Debacle

The morons, jackasses and dip shits are out in full swing today folks! Due to operator error this soggy bag of dick tips takes her frustration out on an unsuspecting victim as she is constipated with anger. Sit back, relax and enjoy the victorious moment when “Karen” was put in her place.

Sitting in Dunkin’ eating my breakfast a woman comes storming in like the Burger King taco last night was a bad idea. Making a face that could make a freight train take a dirt road, she heads to the pick up counter in search for her order. Staring at a blank counter top she grows increasingly agitated. She plows her way through some little girl in search of someone behind the counter to unleash her holy wrath on. When the unsuspecting victim turns around it’s too late, the lioness has spotted the wounded zebra and it’s about to have a glorious feast.

She holds up her phone like she just won a prize yelling “I ordered this 20 minutes ago! Do your fucking job! You people are ridiculous! Now I’m going to be late!” The wounded zebra obviously new to the pack goes wide eyed but keeps her composure, not backing down from the lioness that’s looking to feast. After a minute of colorful words someone asks to see the order on her phone and the look on that persons face was riddled with satisfaction, it found the weak spot and they were about to attack.

The women gingerly hands the phone back and politely, yet draped in sarcasm, says, “ma’am, you’re at the wrong location. Your order is waiting for you across town. But if you’d like I can make your order here if you give me a few minutes”.

The raging beast tries to act tough but is obviously embarrassed by the mistake on her part and making it known to everyone in the establishment. She accepts the generous notion and then has the nerve to start lashing out and disclaiming how she hates the app and how it never works. As she gets her order she storms out plowing through innocent people in a fit of rage, all due to her own absentmindedness. W….T….F!

I get it, she’s worried about being late to her job and that’s always a cause for concern. But don’t take out your own mistake on people who don’t deserve it.

Today’s lesson….pull your head from your ass and double check your online order before you go barging in like a bull in a China shop. Stay tuned for more WTF Weekly as you never know what kind of train wreck we will run into next!

You’re all a bunch of bloody legends!

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